My little brother is going around the house trying to jiggle his chest saying he has “Bodacious Bahama Mamas”. 
When my mother told him, he in fact did NOT have “Bodacious Bahama Mamas”, he scoffed and said well then they’re “Bodacious Bahama Llamas”.

Over thinking it....
  • Me: How does Jack kiss Sally? He's a skeleton. So he has no lips..
  • Amanda: If Tim Burton says he does, somehow he does.
  • Me: I saw a picture of them and it made me wonder. Their relationship would have to be fairly Amish.
  • Amanda: Because she would break.
  • Me: Maybe she should try staples instead of thread?
  • Me: ............
  • Me: ............
  • Me: Would Jack have to wear like a strap on? Or is she still way too fragile for Necrophilia?
  • Amanda:
  • Me:
  • Amanda:
  • Me:
  • Amanda: I think you think too much :)
  • Me: If you get rid of the other children...I promise to eat meat again.
  • Mom: Liars go to Hell Olivia.
  • Me: ......................
  • Mom: And there are children in Hell....